AHHHH…The Scent of the Holidays and Memories

AHHHHH… The Smell of the HolidaysUnknown
Is it the fragrance of your Christmas tree’s pine needles; the smell of sugar cookies or gingerbread baking in the oven; wassail heating on the stove; cinnamon sticks or cloves with oranges that immediately bring back memories of past holidays? “Odor-evoked autobiographical memories” typically occur by happenstance, when an unsolicited odor passes by your nose and you happen to catch a whiff. Remember your Uncle Ernie’s English Leather cologne? The sense of smell or “olfactory sense” is the only sense with a direct connection to the emotional center of the brain, amygdala. (Sorry, sometimes you just have to get technical!) Because of this you can, through the use of aromatherapy, harness the power of scents to trigger real physical and emotional responses, not just for you, but for your dog as well.

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were probably the first to use essential oils for emotional benefits by creating distillation methods of extracting oils from trees, herbs and plants? These essential oils were used in medical, spiritual, and daily activities, and of course for embalming. Factoid: According to NPR, millions of embalmed dog mummies have been discovered.

So what essential oils work on dogs and what can they do? Essential oils should never be used on our dogs undiluted. If you are using essential oils on your own dilute using a high-quality carrier oil such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, a good olive oil or blend. Use a dilution rate of 1-2% essential oil to carrier. Math: Use ten drops per ounce of carrier oil.

Oils have also been shown to reduce anxiety and inflammation, fight infections by inhibiting bacteria, keep fungi and viruses from growing and to soothe muscle aches and pains. Aromatherapy oils are also used to lessen stress, calm anxiety, activate memory and more. By using the natural defenses that plants have developed we can create healing substances for our health and well-being and that of our dogs. Essential oils are absorbed by inhalation, ingestion and contact with the skin. They enter the body and the blood stream and are quickly distributed to various tissues.

We use Doterra products at the Lodge and Cottage as they are of medical grade and their purity is of the highest scale. Below you will find some basic tips on the types and uses of essential oils. Two excellent sources are the Doterra.com website and a book entitled “Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals” by Kristen Leigh Bell. Please note that more is not better and to use these oils sparingly and as instructed on their labels.

Written by Stephanie



Coconut Oil is an exceptional carrier oil and beneficial for improving general health and digestion, prevention and treatment of yeast and fungal infections, disinfecting wounds, clarifying and calming skin allergies and dryness, reduces arthritis pain and ligament problems.

Lavender – is calming – used for anxiety, fear, nervousness, stress, allergies, sleep, wounds, ear infection, hot spots, burns, cysts, dry skin, systemic infections, insect bites or stings,

Lemon – is clean and fresh – used for allergies, bleeding

Peppermint – is cool and invigorating – used for allergies, joint pain, arthritis, fever, motion sickness, digestion

Frankincense – One of the most precious essential oil of the ancient world. Frankincense is powerfully versatile and a favorite alternative for many applications – when in doubt use Frankincense. Used for wounds, ear infection, joint pain, arthritis, cancer, tumors, cysts, bladder infection, seizures, stroke, surgery sites

Melaleuca – is First Aid for skin – used for hot spots – dilute & use with observation (May cause extreme lethargy, loss of hind leg control, vomiting or fever)

Oregano – is Natural Immune Support – used for Parvovirus – is considered a hot oil so always dilute & use with observation. Don’t use if pet has a bleeding disorder or are taking an anticoagulant.

Breathe – is Respiratory Support – used for allergies,

Deep Blue – is Soothing Blend – used for joint pain, muscle support always dilute & use with observation. (Can irritate gut)

On Guard – is Protective Blend & Natural Defense – used for any infections, bladder infection, cysts, wounds, warts, surgery sites, builds immune system

Terra Shield – is Repellent Blend – used to repel fleas, house flies

Serenity – is Calming Blend – used for anxiety, sleep, fear, nervousness, stress

Purify – is Cleansing Blend – used for ear infection – always dilute & use with observation contains Melaleuca.


To apply topically to pet – Put drops in palm of hand, rub hands together and then apply to area on pet

Anxiety/Fear/Nervousness/Stress – 1 -2 drops of Lavender or Serenity. Apply to dog’s chest, sides, and neck. Apply to bedding also, if dog is in bed area.

Arthritis & Joint Pain – Mix 1 -2 drops each of Frankincense and Peppermint (add coconut oil if applicable). Apply every 5 hours (as needed) to affected joint or area of pain. Massage into skin, but not into any open wounds.

Bleeding – 1 drop Lemon or Frankincense into a wound or around a nail cut too short. Repeat if bleeding does not completely stop.

Cancer (Tumors) – 1 -2 drops Frankincense. Apply onto or over tumor area 2 times a day.

Dry Skin – Mix 1 -2 drops each of Lavender and Coconut Oil. Apply to area. Massage into skin.

Ear Infections – Mix 1- 2 drops of Purify or Frankincense with 4 drops of Lavender in glass container. Dip a cotton swab or cotton ball into oil, squeeze out excel, and clean out inside of ear flap. Switch to clean cotton as needed. Repeat 1 -2 times a day depending on severity, until infection has cleared.

Fever – 1 -2 drops Peppermint (dilute if necessary). Apply on back paws between and on sides of toes. Repeat every 5 – 6 hours as needed. Do not bring fever below 103F (40C). Fever helps the body fight infection.

Fleas/House Flies Repellent – Mix 40 drops each of Terra Shield and Peppermint into a 15ml oil bottle with a spray top. Fill remainder of bottle with Coconut oil. Spray on your hands, rub hands together and then rub hands through dog’s coat, behind ears and on legs, stomach, and feet. Apply lightly to avoid overwhelming dog’s senses. Reapply as needed. Can also be sprayed along door thresholds or other areas to repel bugs

Hot Spots – 1 -2 drops of Lavender (dilute if necessary). Massage into area. Repeat 3-4 times a day until cleared.

Insect Bites/Stings – 1 -2 drops of Lavender (dilute if necessary). Massage into area. Repeat as needed till cleared.

Skin Irritations/Rashes – 1 – 2 drops Lavender. Apply to area. Massage into skin.

Stroke – 1 -2 drops Frankincense. Apply over brain stem area at base of skull 3 times a day.

Ticks – 1 drop of Peppermint on tick. Wait for tick to back off of skin (30 seconds – 1 minute). Remove tick with tweezers or tick removal tool. Apply 1 drop On Guard or Lavender to area. Massage into skin.

Tooth/Gum Problems – Mix 4 – 5 drops of On Guard in a 1 oz. glass bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with coconut oil. Apply to gums and teeth morning and night.

Urinary Tract Infection, Stones, and Crystals – Mix 4 drops each Digestzen, Lemon and Frankincense in 2 TBSP Coconut Oil. Store mixture in glass container with lid. Dip finger in mixture, and apply about 2 -3 drops of mixture over bladder and kidneys. Repeat 5 – 6 times a day for 5 days. If symptoms improve, continue for a total of 14 days. Then retest urine.

Wounds – Mix 1 -2 drops each Frankincense and On Guard with 4 drops Lavender. Apply onto or over wound area 2 – 3 times a day until clear. For large wounds or surgery incisions, mix with coconut oil to cover the area. This is very effective to help the body heal, to resist infection, and to reduce inflammation, pain, stress, and scarring.

As always, each animal is unique and your pet may be more sensitive than others. Observe their behavior and they will tell you!!!

Submitted by a Doterra Representative