Exercise and playtime through day care enables your best friend to develop skills that will not only benefit Fido, but will make your life easier. A tired pup is a better-behaved pup. The RWL and RWC offers day care Monday through Friday with drop-off as early as 7 a.m. and pick up until 5:45 p.m.

Playgroups are separated according to size and temperament. The Lodge offers a three-acre, wooded and fenced play park. The Cottage has a large private outdoor play park and deck. Our well-trained techs are always close by and all guests are slowly introduced into a group. For more info email or phone 812.867.9663 for the Lodge (dogs over 25 pounds) or 812.626.9110 for the Cottage
(dogs under 25 pounds).

Best friends must be friendly with other dogs, as they participate in group play during the day. Canines over the age of five months must be altered (spayed or castrated). We require a copy of up-to-date vaccination records (the Bordetella vaccine must be given 10 days prior to arrival), a copy of our forms found at the bottom of this page and reservations for an assessment day to meet your best friend to make certain they enjoy group play. After the assessment, we will discuss a time and day to schedule your best friend for a play date. After the first full day visit we can discuss possible weekly visits. Reservations are required for the daycare program and space is limited. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages by clicking on the icons at the right top above the main menu for more fun and daily added photos. You may scroll down to see photos on this page.

One of the reasons we offer daycare is to help develop social skills with other canines.

Daycare at the Lodge and Cottage is filled with lots of action and playtime with other dogs.

Dogs are assessed and selected for play groups according to their size, social skills and maturity.

Dogs of all ages are welcomed. We encourage enrollment into daycare as early as possible as pups have a short period to learn good social skills.

Groups are monitored and numbers are limited so all pups have fun and stay safe while playing.

Curiosity is part of daycare, discovering new things, playing with new friends all in a fun day at the Lodge and Cottage.

The Puppy Room is a place that is filled with high energy and rambunctious puppies. They play together here and grow up together. Once they are larger they graduate to the bunkhouse area and the large parks with the older dogs.

The Lodge hosts daycare guests 25 pounds and up while the Cottage is for the smaller breeds 25 pounds and less.

Most guests have specific days that they attend, as a result the pups all know each other and have a full day of fun .

The wooded parks make an excellent location for the dogs to run and play. The sporting breeds love it as the top of the trees are filled with friendly but smart squirrels.

During the holidays we often do impromptu activities such as the day the staff decided to offer the "Kissing Booth" on Valentine's Day, what fun!

There is nothing more fun than a room full of happy, cute and lovable puppies.

Learning "bite inhibition" at an early age encourages a soft mouth and teaches pups not to bite human hands, feet, etc. One of the several elements taught in our private Puppy Classes.

Puppies like Ben and Rocky grow up together and can't wait to see each other on their daycare days.

One of the many fun events, "Reel Big Fish Week" during our January "At the Beach" month. Names were drawn and guests won fun stuffed big fish toys.

The park is large and have multiple play stations located throughout.

Water is a big part of hot summer days, sprinklers, water hose and puppy pools are all part of the fun.

Dogs don't usually require entertainment, they entertain themselves.

Staff love the dogs and in return the dogs love the staff. Most of us feel they are a part of our family as well as the owners. Can you tell, we love dogs!

Lots of time is spent, cleaning, feeding and caring for the pups. However, there is always some time for cuddle sessions at the Cottage.

Bubble Day, wow is it fun!

Pool parties are always a big hit and some love it more than others.

Large and safely fenced play park for the Cottage guests.

Three acres of wooded parks on the Lodge property for romping and playing.