The Red Woof Lodge and Red Woof Cottage offers obedience, good manners and behavior-modification training for you and your best friend.

Dale Barker Wright and her associates have spent more than 25 years in the animal care and training business working with all types of breeds and behaviors.

Sometimes, it’s not just training Fido that you need. It’s sharing information to assist you with behavioral issues, enabling you to become a better trainer. It will also help you learn the basics of how dogs exist and communicate with one another.

Training Program- We offer a variety of private lessons and programs so that you can choose what works best for you and your best friend..

Puppy Crash Course: This private 1-hour session goes through all of the important aspects of raising a puppy, socialization, and exposure to all kinds of different sights, smells, sounds and situations. It also includes the beginning of very basic training, such as teaching puppy’s name, crate training and potty training. By appointment – $45 an hour.

Let us handle the hassles of bringing home a new puppy for you. We will crate train and potty train Fido! We will start teaching your puppy some basic commands such as "Gentle" when taking items from the mouth, "Name Recognition" and "Sit". Every puppy needs to learn bite inhibition, which teaches them how to be gentle when they take treats from your hand. This program is offered Monday through Friday. Give us a ring for more information and we can create a program to meet your needs. Fee-$250

Doggie Boot Camp

Have you had it up to your eyeballs with your out of control dog? Write down a list of things you are struggling with your pet and send them to Doggie Boot Camp. Your best friend will vacation at the Red Woof Lodge Monday morning through Friday afternoon. We will then work you through the commands that we have introduced to your pet and you can carry on with the training at home. Fee including stay and training-$450.00