The Red Woof Cottage is designed for our small best friends in mind. A special space where the little ones have their own play park, sunning deck and cozy sleep spaces.

The day is filled with running, playing, rolling and sunbathing on the deck. At night, they settle into a giant cozy crate decorated with a handmade pillow, velvety soft blanket and a treat.

Best friends must be friendly with other dogs, as they participate in play groups during the day. Canines over the age of five months must be altered (spayed or castrated). We require a copy of up-to-date vaccination records (the Bordetella vaccine must be given 10 days prior to arrival), a copy of our forms found at the bottom of the Boarding Page on the website, a $50 deposit for reservations and a 1/2 day assessment to meet your best friend to make certain they enjoy their time at their destination. The only item you need to bring is the appropriate amount of food pre-bagged for each day. We supply clean linens daily, bowls, toys, beds, etc.

Click the link below to download Help Us Spoil Your Pet Boarding Form and you may also see more photos by scrolling down or clicking on our Facebook and Instagram links at the top right of the main menu.

All bundled up and ready for playtime

Cool weather and we are on the run

Lucas enjoys the cold winter days

Snow days are the best

Lots of space for pups to play.

Being at the Cottage is just like home, always a warm cozy place to take a nap.

Best buddies play, romp, roll and nap throughout the day.

During the warm months we offer a variety of fun summer activities, paw pools are set out, bubble day and more!

Our deck offers a place to sun.

The bench area on the deck is ideal for the shorter dogs. Gives them a feeling of King Kong syndrome!

Never to old to learn new tricks.

Look Natalie, West Paw toys float...cool!

We offer four play/sleep rooms at the Cottage. This enables the team to group pups according to their play styles.

All ears and here I come!

Share, what, I'm not sharing.

Wooo that's a fun cool off under the shade tree.

Toys, lots of American made toys. Washed daily for our guests.

Always offering warm and cozy places to nap.

Did someone say "Treat."

Little ones like the Princess Bed loaded with soft blankets and pillows.

Catered, loved and spoiled, simply our motto.

Lots of places to take a nap after a busy time of training and play.

Nope, I'm not tired, just resting after a long day of play. Belly rub please!

The Cottage is set up like grandma's house, filled with love, tummy rubs and fresh baked homemade treats.

Extra large fenced park that is maintained and sanitized daily. The park is layered with smooth river rock that can be easily cleaned and soft on the pups feet.

Looking off the back deck at sun set, it's been a fun and busy day.

Home baked treats are bagged up and ready and waiting at the end of the day.

Salt lamps and Doterra essential oils are used for calming and purifying the air as well as cleaning.

Hand sewn blankets are kept in the cozy dens and all of the linens, toys, bowls and so forth are washed daily.

This team loves their pups. Many staff members have been with us for years and the newer staff learn quickly how demanding our guests can be at playtime.

Say, "Cookie."

Clementine is enjoying a day away from her brothers!