The Lodge

Your best friend will love vacationing at the Red Woof Lodge or the Red Woof Cottage. The Lodge is designed for your best friend over 25 pounds, they'll find large comfy indoor/outdoor bunkhouses complete with heat/ac, covered patio area with ceiling fans and daily maid service. Each kennel is stocked by our maids with freshly-laundered linens, Kongs stuffed with homemade "mutt muffins" and fresh baked PB bones. There are several acres for your best friend to romp and play with four large fenced and wooded dog parks. Best of all, they'll get the personal service of one-on-one companionship and lots of playtime. For more information, Lodge 812.867.9663.

Our Cottage is designed for the smaller best friends, under 25 pounds. Offering the same services of the Lodge, but the Cottage guests have a separate area with a private play park, staff and sleep area. For more information, Cottage 812.626.9110.

After many years of operating pet boarding services, we know what dogs like... to run, play, roll in the dirt, chew on stuff and flop on the couch. Because of the way we have designed our lodge, your pet can do all this and then go to sleep in a comfy clean bunkhouse listening to classical music. Also when making reservations you may also request a guest kennel bath, fees are accessed according to size and coat of the canine! Click on the buttons below to download forms required before your best friend stays with us or schedule a kennel bath appointment. All you need to bring is your best friend's food that will be needed during their stay, please no large containers or bags.

Best friends must be friendly with other dogs, as they participate in play groups during the day. Canines over the age of five months must be altered (spayed or castrated). We require a copy of up-to-date vaccination records (the Bordetella vaccine must be given 10 days prior to arrival), a copy of our forms found at the bottom of the Boarding Page on the website, a $50 deposit for reservations and a time for an assessment to meet your best friend to make certain they enjoy their time at their destination. The only item you need to bring is the appropriate amount of food pre-bagged for each day (we suggest ziplock bags), please no large containers or large bags of food due to storage space issues. We supply clean linens daily, bowls, toys, beds, etc. You may scroll down for photos or click on our Facebook or Instagram icons at the top right of the page above the main menu.

Click below to download Help Us Spoil Your Pet Boarding Form

Our boutique offers holistic foods, American made chew treats and Up Country collars and leashes.

Our kennels are scrubbed and sanitized top to bottom daily by our dedicated team. Each kennel is then dried and restocked with a clean Kuranda bed, a soft fuzzy blanket, fresh water and a West Paw toy.

We have several options available for your best friend, including three private sleep areas now available in the evening complete with salt lamps, essential oil diffusers, videos and or soft music through the night.

Specializing in one-on-one care. Many of our guests have grown up with us and we work diligently to offer a variety of services to meet their needs as they mature.

We do not scoop one brand of food from a bin and feed our guests. Instead, they are catered too, we prepare each bowl according to their needs just like home. You feed your best friend one scoop of his food with one biscuit and a carrot, we do the same!

Laundry, we wash a tremendous amount of laundry. Every day all the blankets and rugs are pulled and washed, dried, folded and ready for the next day.

We designed our kennels to be comfy and dog durable. Designed with stainless steel doors and fiberglass panels, the kennels are pet friendly and designed to be thoroughly disinfected and scrub every morning. The bunkhouse has windows on three sides and staff can view our guests from the hall that transcends through the lodge. They are heated, air conditioned, ceiling fans, music and essential oil diffusers keep the air clean and healthy.

We offer extra large Kuranda beds for our giant breed guests.

We bake all of our home made treats for our guests from the finest ingredients. No white sugar here, only honey.

The Puppy Room is a fun place for the pups to play in a safe environment until they are old enough to transfer to the big bunkhouse and play parks.

New doors being installed to add additional private rooms and smaller private play parks for overnight guests.

Parks have been widened for the private rooms and new fencing has been installed for more area to romp.

The Tranquility Room and the other two privates rooms have been created for a calmer atmosphere. In these rooms you will find salt lamps, Doterra essential oil diffusers, extra large Kuranda beds and/or cozy crates depending on our guests needs and television or soft music playing.

Daycare is offered for all of our guests. Hence the requirement for dog-to-dog friendly. Their days are spent romping, rolling an d chasing whatever moves, then nap time, then we start all over again. Dog approved!

Our large dog park is three acres and divided out into sections so dogs have a safe place to run and play. Most of the park is shaded under large oak trees and we offer a canopy area for days when the weather is difficult.

A guest enjoying one of the smaller private parks. Well suited for older dogs or guests with limited mobility.